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Industry Discovery Day #2

NSWCSIN joined EY for a morning of collaboration between NSW university researchers and the EY team

In February, NSWCSIN have a fabulous morning at EY for its second industry discovery day, getting to grips with some tough issues around cyber security in the health sector.

Thanks so much to the university cyber security researchers who contributed to the conversation. It was great to see industry/university collaboration in action.

Some insights from attendees:

  • At the highest in in cyber crime on the dark net, selling vulnerabilities is now more common than hacking
  • Not everyone in the room was sold on the value of blockchain as a cyber secure option for hospitals BUT agreed that decentralised data stores reduce vulnerability – having critical information and data in a central location makes cyber attacks more debilitating
  • There is a high willingness from universities to collaborate with industry, funding amounts do not need to be huge.

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