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Meet Josh – one of NSWCSIN’s youngest cyber ambassadors

Josh grew up loving mathematics. Now he is studying a Bachelor of Cyber Security and Behaviour at the University of Western Sydney.

Josh is in the first year of a Bachelor of Cyber Security and Behaviour at Western Sydney University. With a bright future ahead of him, Josh talks about his love of mathematics, the appeal of a cyber security career, and the people he admires.

For the love of maths

From primary school, all through high school, I loved maths. I was always quite naturally talented at maths and the progression from primary to high school – as it slowly got more difficult – was one of the more enjoyable parts of the schooling experience.

Maths was just simply satisfying, working through a problem, applying years of knowledge to each stage of the equation, to then find a solution. There was no better feeling.

Learning new methods of problem-solving and applying those methods to various situations just gave me so much satisfaction that I was excited to go to school each day just to walk into maths to learn something new. I hope every person finds their own enjoyment in the little things in life as I have done with maths.

Discovering cyber security

I stumbled upon cyber security one day as I was shown a magazine on emerging job markets. Since that day, I’ve been hooked.

It is difficult to define what appeals to me about cyber security, as it was more than just an appeal, it was an infatuation that has turned into a passion.

To have the opportunity to be a pioneer of this emerging field is very appealing. I have a great desire to be a life-long learner and with this passion of cyber security, I feel like that is very possible.

The constant changes in the field are appealing. I’ve always wanted to be in an industry that is growing and changing while I am amongst it. Maybe I will have an opportunity to advance it, and that is all the appeal I need, an opportunity to do something great in a field that will help our society grow.

About the WSU Bachelor of Cyber Security

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Cyber Security and Behaviour at Western Sydney University. This degree is the only cyber security (CS) degree in Australia that analyses both the technical and human side of the CS industry.

I have always been interested in psychology and to be given the opportunity to combine this with CS was something I couldn’t go past. The degree also allows me to spend all three years of the degree working on my CS skills instead of spending just two years majoring in CS within a computer science degree.

These things, as well as my work with some of the professors of WSU at events run by the NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node really encouraged me to make the decision to do this degree.

What about the future?

In five years, I want to be in the workforce learning from people that have great experience, and creating experiences of my own. The best way to learn about a topic is to study the people that have already mastered it.

Wherever I am in five years, I hope I am in a position to continue to learn and am in an environment where ideas are accepted and used to advance the industry.

Top five dinner party guests

Warren Buffet – My passion for investing is something that will hopefully stick with me forever, and who better to get advice from than the godfather of investing, a man with so much experience not only in investing but also in life.

Albert Einstein – Who wouldn’t want to have a conversation with a man that had such a vast understanding of the universe? I feel as if I would gain a greater appreciation for the universe from just a single conversation and gain the ability to critically think about any topic.

Tiger Woods – Tiger is one of the greatest sportsmen in history. He has had highs and lows and his latest claim to fame is his fifth Masters title, finishing at 13-under par, in one of the greatest sporting comebacks ever.

My father at 18 – I would love to have a conversation with my father when he was my age, to not only see how he has changed but to identify what it was about him that brought him such happiness and success throughout life. I think it would give me an insight into the path I should follow to truly find happiness in every aspect of my life.

My late mother – This is nothing to do with my career but everything to do with me as a person. I lost my mother at a young age, and sometimes I feel that not having her with me in my formative years has made it tougher for me to have complete confidence in my decision-making. To be able to have a conversation with her about my decisions would give me so much more confidence in them, though I know that as long as I am doing the things that make me happy, she would approve.

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