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NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node joins Commonwealth Bank to bolster small business cyber security

NSWCSIN and CommBank extend access to cyber security advice for SMBs

The NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node (NSWCSIN) has teamed with the Commonwealth Bank to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) secure their operations and train their staff in cyber security essentials.

The partnership will include directing SMBs to helpful cyber security advice, which is available to them free of charge. Commonwealth Bank provides a variety of cyber security resources to help SMBs keep themselves and their customers secure. These resources include cyber eLearning modules that are based on the training Commonwealth Bank provides to its own staff, and which are available to any SMB, whether or not they are a CommBank customer.

“We know from research conducted by the NSW Small Business Commissioner that around half of Australia’s small businesses limit their online presence and 42 percent believe they can protect their businesses by doing this,” said Todd Williams, Director, NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node. “It is clear that SMBs need more help to understand threats and remedies, and also more support to confidently pursue business growth online.”

Although around 74 percent of SMBs report that they are well informed about the risks of cyber crime, not all know who to report a cyber breach. Many are unaware of incidents that have actually occurred. “We’ll be working with Chambers of Commerce across the state to spread the message and encourage business to seek assistance,” Mr Williams added.
The NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node (NSWCSIN) will work with Commonwealth Bank to address the needs of small business for a clear path to growth and security. The NSWCSIN welcomes inquiries from other providers of cyber security assistance for SMBs.

“Commonwealth Bank is committed to improving security across the Australian cyber ecosystem, including SMBs,” explained John Hare, CBA’s Executive Manager of Cyber Outreach. “This can only be achieved by working with partners such as NSWCSIN. We are delighted to make our Cool, Calm, Connected eLearning suite available to any Australian business. SMBs are telling us that the training is really helping them better protect their businesses. Also, any SMB can access our regularly-updated security tips and information on the latest scams through our CommBank Secure web page, and download ‘Signals’, our quarterly security report.”

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